Thursday, November 6, 2008


I apologize for the delay on statistics, the current method i use to do them is very tedious. BUT, im developing an application that will be able to generate the race stats on the fly ! When i finish it, ill be able to email/print stats just minutes after the race is over !

\\v2.1 - Updates

So for this months race on Nov. 15th i would like to do a hill race, and im gonna try something new. This time instead of all the checkpoints being public, we will have 2 public and the rest private, so when you get to a publicly known checkpoint, you will get an address for a privately known spot. Im planning on having all of the checkpoints be on the hill area. So this time im not taking map submissions, BUT if you live on the hill or know someone who does and is willing to chill at their house and run a checkpoint then please EMAIL me the address. They would need to be available to run the checkpoint from 1:30 pm - 2:30pm on race day. I might be open to having some houses in the pearl area since they will be close to the start/finish. So if you wanna volunteer a spot, EMAIL me the address, do not post in comments.


peterabbit said...

me and gerad will organize this

pbsdrc said...

I think this is a good idea, because knowing the route beforehand gives an advantage. For this reason, I don't think ANY of the racers should know the secret checkpoints. The only way to do this would have the four or five volunteers discuss only with themselves where they will be. As I said, I like this idea, but not if one or two racers have inside knowledge.

haterNation said...

yea i agree it does give people an unfair advantage, but as the race organizer i have to have some quality assurance and currently i dont know enough people who ARENT racing that i can trust to take care of this.

thats why im prolly gonna sit out this next race. this lets me make sure all the spots are good to go, without giving anyone an unfair advantage.