Thursday, September 25, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE Part III (Flyer) - Oct 18th \\v1.3

Date: Oct 18th
Time: 12:30 Trix/1:00pm Registration/1:30pm Race
Location: Folsom and Pearl @ the Park
Checkpoints: TBD (Tour of North Boulder)


Street Tumblers said...

Hey do you need volunteers?
for oct 18th

jnordhem said...

This is so rad! I had no idea that there was a scene like this in Boulder! Keep up the good work guys.


haterNation said...

Hey street tumblers, yea i could definitely use some help for the next race. Send me an email with your information ( )

Jen, you might remember me i came to the june track attack with a black and white conversion with the white trispoke in the front. Also congrats on your new store !

peterabbit said...

you need a hater sauce spoke card for this race

geradkrause said...,-105.258894&spn=0.032857,0.054588&z=14

peterabbit said...

i'm over north boulder, residential blows.

lets do an all hill&downtown route

followed by sprints down moorhead