Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BAC \\v3.2 - Results


1. Nick Betts*
2. G-Rad Krause
3. Royland

[sMs] Results:

1. Royland
//post the rest when i get home

*betts was on a road bike ....

One year on the SPOT!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ive edited the scavenger hunt post to include more info about the format. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BAC \\v4.2 June 21st Scavenger Hunt !

June 21st

BAC \\v4.1 - May 17th

Format: [sMs] Team race. Its gonna be [sMs] but you have to work with other people to get all the items back to the finish line

Date: May 17th
Location: Folsom Field
Time: 1pm

BAC \\v3.3 - April 19th - Relay Race

Format: Its gonna be a relay race, not just from point a to point b. Expect lots of cool tasks related to riding your bike and being cool.

Date: April 19th
Location: Folsom Field
Time: 1pm

BAC \\v3.3(April) _ \\v4.1(May) _ \\v4.2(June)


Big news for BAC ! Thanks to Josh from community cycles, the june race (\\v4.2) will be officially part of the Boulder Walk and Bike month 2009 !

The event will be a scavenger hunt. Expect it to be a mix of taking pictures and finding physical objects. The format will become more specific as time goes on.

Im going to create a post solely for the scavenger hunt so if you have ideas, post your comments there. This will be linked to the official events page @ community cycles.

BAC \\v3.3 (April 19th)

The april race is gonna be a relay race. Its not gonna just be race from point a to point b. Each leg of the race is gonna be different.

_ \\v4.1(May 17th)

For the month of May im not quite sure what the format will be but so far im thinking a [sMs] Team race. [sMs] is great for obvious reasons, and teams help to level the playing field so people have to work together, and each member in a team can contribute in a different way.

_ \\v4.2(June 21st)

June is gonna be the Walk Bike month Scavenger hunt, mentioned at the top of the post.

Friday, March 6, 2009