Thursday, September 17, 2009

PBR Poker - Info updated

for all you google readers, and rss feeders the

PBR Poker - Info page has been updated.

PBR Poker - Oct 10th 3pm

****UPDATED - Map Posted *****

So this is how its gonna work.

5 Checkpoints. At each one you will get a PBR bottle cap. On each bottle cap is a playing card. So after the 5 checkpoints each racer will have a 5 card poker hand. Expect to have to chug 'something' at minimum 2 checkpoints.

There are benefits to being back quickly. The top racers will have an advantage, for example First Place might receive a wildcard cap, second gets an extra cap, and so on.

1st thru 3rd will also get a portion of the cash pot (20% - 10% - 5%)

the rest of the pot will goto the person with the best poker hand.

the meeting location is at the buffalo on campus next to folsom field.

follow @BAC_Races for up to date information, Direct Message if you see this and want to help sponsor the event.

Also, i will be handing out spoke cards for the below classifications where they apply.

Yellow - Fastest Overall Time
Green - Sprint Points (Checkpoints)
PolkaDot - King of the Mountains Points
White - Fastest young rider (age<20)>

BAC Stage Winner - First person @ each Checkpoint (*)

Get work off if you have to, and Bring your friends !

*** UPDATE ***

Map is POSTED !

"Weve got the checkpoints finalized. And weve put them all in this cool internet thing called 'Google Maps' ! You heard of it ?

To make things fair for everyone we are posting the checkpoints NOW (a week in advance) so that people that come from out of town wont get hosed when it comes time to race.

View hater sauce in a larger map

Get those routes on point and we'll see all of you October 10th, 3pm, at the folsom field buffalo. WOOP WOOP. "