Saturday, August 23, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE Part II - Sept 20th

Thanks to everyone who showed up today, it was a great race. I will post stats soon.

Next months Boulder Alley Cat will be Sept 20th. Same Time, Same Place (Folsom Field, 1:00pm registration)

Also next month will have a Best Trick Competition starting at 12:30.


less_than_pete said...

less_than_pete said...

i mean,-105.226879&sspn=0.027877,0.055275&ie=UTF8&z=14

haterNation said...

yo, i like this setup. I can probably only count on a few people to help this time. So try to find some reliable people that could run some of the checkpoints.

also, add me as a collaborator on this map -

Anonymous said...

Next time, I can help run a checkpoint.


haterNation said...

hey enzynedzn, i could definitely use your help at the next race. send me an email with your information to