Thursday, September 25, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE Part III (Flyer) - Oct 18th \\v1.3

Date: Oct 18th
Time: 12:30 Trix/1:00pm Registration/1:30pm Race
Location: Folsom and Pearl @ the Park
Checkpoints: TBD (Tour of North Boulder)


Great race ! Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to the volunteers. Next months race is on Oct 18th, 2$ Registration. New Location: Folsom and Pearl. Last race in the trilogy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE - Sep 20th \\v1.2 (Checkpoints) (Updated)

.//Checkpoints Posted \\v1.2 (Updated)

Ive got the preliminary checkpoint locations figured out. Its gonna be a tour of south boulder,and unlike the last race this month features 5 checkpoints (its back to 5 now). This map was created by 'Peter' aka 'Cookie Monster' using the Google Maps application.

Its not final, but so far I like what i see. Its gonna be a longer race than last months so you may want to bring extra supplies (water, food, flat kit etc..).

As of right now its gonna be the same format as last months so check out this post which has the general race information. I may decide to include a checkpoint task (i.e. change out your tube before you get signed off) but im not 100% sure yet, so be prepared (you should be carrying this stuff anyways !).

Since this months race is gonna be alot longer than the first, almost everyone will have a chance to move up in the rankings. Figure out your routes, and maybe who youll wanna draft off of, because this month will determine the positioning going into the final race of the first trilogy !

.// Volunteers

For this months race i could really use a few volunteers, Ill probably be able to get 2-4 of my friends to help out, but that means ill still need 2-4 more people to help. If you know anyone who is reliable and is willing to run a checkpoint (its super easy, will pick up and drop off @ location) then let me know.

.// Google Maps

As mentioned above this months and last months checkpoints were created using Google Maps. This is a great way for me to see your ideas for checkpoint locations, or any other type of info pertaining to the race, like the route you might use, or after the race the route you ended up using. You can also add descriptions to the location markers, so if you have any specific info that pertains to only one location put it in the description (i.e. each racer has to chug a beer).

So if you've got ideas go ahead and make some maps. When you've got it the way you want you can grab the link to your map by clicking on the [Link] box in the upper right hand corner of the google maps window, this will display the link. Just copy and paste it in the comments section (it doesnt matter which post, ill find it) and ill take a look at it and tell you what I think. Also you can add me as a collaborator using my google account which is fm.produktions (

There are alot of cool things you can do with google maps, most of which i know nothing about so if you find something useful please share it with me.

.// BAC part 3 (October \\v1.3)

The October race will be the final race in the first trilogy of BAC races (dont worry it wont be the last) so make sure you show up to this months so you can be in the running for trilogy winner. Since this month were gonna be doing the race in South Boulder, next month im thinking about doing the race in north boulder. So get those maps going !