Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hi peolpes,
So .. ive got a map for everyone to checkout. This time instead of having all of the checkpoints on the map only 2 will be publicly known with the other 2 being given at each checkpoint. These 2 privately known spots will be on the hill or on pearl street, and will be given as an address' or street intersection.

This time around ive got some cool tasks planned out. Im not gonna say what they are, so be prepared ! I will say that a bag of some sort will help you.

This time around i will probably wont NEED any volunteers but i could use some help on race day if you want to chill out instead of race. Like i said a couple posts ago, all volunteers get the average or median race time and 4 sprint points.

Since I am organizing the privately known checkpoints, i will not be racing to keep everything fair. I also wont compete in tricks because i want to see what everyone else can throw down. So if your interested in tricks be prepared with trackstands and skids, or anything else you think is cool, and we will take a vote on who has the best trick.

Also new for this race and going forward everyone will be assigned a PERMANENT registration number. This will tie in with the new statistics application i am devloping. If you have a preference as to what number you want, think of a few and as long as they arent taken, you can have any 3 digit integer greater than 0. Like 123 or 666. Otherwise you will be assigned a number at my discretion.

The weather forecast says it might snow on fri(tomorrow) but will be sunny on saturday. So keep that in mind. Also sorry about the delay on statistics for the last race i should have something ready by race day. And going forward this wont be an issue anymore .

Ok thats everything, see yall on saturday !


Anonymous said...

Photo's from today's event:

Patrick said...

So what's the plan for the next race?