Monday, October 20, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE \\v1.3 - Results + News

All in all it was a great race this past weekend. There were a couple of crashes, but luckily no one was hurt.

As for the results, Patrick Decker was the race winner. The overall winner was Peter Cook, holding onto his lead from the past two races. He also takes fastest brakeless fixed gear rider, and best young rider. Sprint classification stayed with Casey Temanson. King of the mountains went to Adam Mork (Me!), so did trix, cus like last time no one showed up.

Full Results will be posted soon !

NEWS: With this first round of races now complete, ive learned alot, and got alot of suggestions which have lead me to make some changes to the format.

- Race Winner now gets a SpokeCard
- All SpokeCards are going to be slightly smaller*
- Registration is 2$ for all races
- All volunteers get free registration in their next race, or for a friend**
* I can send image files to previous winners if they want the new sizes.
** If you volunteer in a race you automatically recieve the median or average race time (whichever is lower) for that race. You also recieve 4 Sprint points.

NEXT MONTHS RACE: Its going down November 15th. Same location, same time. (Folsom/Pearl ; 1:00 registration)

This race is the first in trilogy (set of 3 races). So everyone starts fresh. All finishing times and points will be cumalative.

Chances are that the conditions for next months race will be less than ideal...


OTHER NEWS: StreetTumblers is hosting their first race November 1st. They've got shirts, hoodies, and goodies for the winners !! Check out their blog for more information (


geradkrause said...

For these next races we should explore some different types of racing. There's more than just riding from point to point with no load and no objectives. Let's keep things real and try out something new.

haterNation said...

i was thinking the same thing, what you got in mind ?

Laurence said...

Also, will you post up a rundown of how the points work.

haterNation said...

check out this post, its got a general overview of how everything works.

As for how i determine points the top 4 racers at each checkpoint get points

1st - 6
2nd - 4
3rd - 2
4th - 1

The point spread is the same for the KOTM checkpoints, but the points only apply to KOTM classification.

peterabbit said...

lets time trial

Patrick said...

we want the full results! We want the full results!

(sometime anyways)