Thursday, October 9, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE Part III - Oct 18th \\v1.3 (Maps)

**** MORE UPDATES ****
Ive got a new map submission, which claims to take the best checkpoints from all the other maps, to make the greatest map submission to date. Ill let the readers decide, blogger wont let me change the existing poll, so i just created a new one with the only option being map #7.

7 ----

**** UPDATE ****
So im going to do a volunteer roll-call. If you already emailed me, show up early like 12:30, if you didnt, you can still volunteer, just email me ( or post a comment to this post.

Also i would like to enforce my new rule about classification leaders bringing a volunteer. That boils down to casey bringing atleast one volunteer (maybe ridge will do suckland) !!! And peter should also bring one.

Ok keep those votes coming im gonna end the poll in a couple of days !

****UPDATE ****

So the next race is almost here, and although im waiting on some map submissions, ive already got quite a few, so if you intended on submitting a map, do it ASAP !! (email to:

My plan is to just post up the different maps and let people discuss which map/checkpoints they like. In the end ill be making the final decisions, and as usual the finalized checkpoints will be posted online a few days before the race !


Below are the map links, listed in no particular order.

1 ----

2 ----

3 ----

4 ----

5 ----,-105.258894&spn=0.032857,0.054588&z=14

Or, we have another option suggested by a reader.

6 ---- "i'm over north boulder, residential blows.

lets do an all hill&downtown route

followed by sprints down moorhead"

UPDATE: ---- map for #6 (not all of those checkpoints will be used, also please submit new ideas for option 6 if you feel like it)

Ill post up maps about idea 6 if its linked in a comment (and im added as a collaborator).

Use the poll on the right side of the site to make your vote !


jnordhem said...

Denver is throwing a race this Saturday! Information here:
and here:

Post it up if you'd like. This Saturday, noon behind Union Station!


geradkrause said...

I second the boycotting of the race if the 2005 Suckland checkpoint is not included. And KC thirds it. We will all just hang out in the chicken coop at the checkpoint and drink beers the whole time that the lame race happening. Then, later, we will have our own race.

peterabbit said...

2005 suckland will be added to what is already a clusterfuck of checkpoints

haterNation said...

can kc get someone to run suckland?