Monday, August 25, 2008

BAC TO THE FUTURE Part II - Sept 20th (Flyers)

So i hope the mix up between the dates isnt going to be a big issue (Part II is going down on the 20th NOT the 19th). Ive updated my original post with the new date and a new flyer. Ive also created a 8.4" x 10.8" image file that has 4 flyers on it so you can print out your own. Also for consitency i plan on running each race on the 3rd saturday of each month.

For next month i havent decided the checkpoints yet, so right now im open to suggestions. If you think you got a good checkpoint location or idea for next month post in the comments section of this post

Also i dont know what the volunteer situation will be like. So if anyone wants to volunteer to run a checkpoint that would be greatly appreciated.

NEW EVENT NEXT MONTH - BEST TRICK, so practice those skids, barpsins, pogo's, and wheelies then come represent at 12:30 before the race starts ! NEW SPOKECARD CLASSIFICATION FOR THE WINNER !!!


Skittles said...

We should start or finish at North Boulder Park. There are some nice hills around there and I ride them everyday since I live a block away.

haterNation said...

Hey skittles, this time around i think were gonna do a south boulder route, check my latest post its got a link to the current checkpoint locations, subject to change, and there all in south boulder.

I had a longer comment that i thought i posted here a week or so ago but my computer freaked so i forgot what it said. But i like the idea of north boulder, and for the next race i would like to include mapleton as a KOM checkpoint and maybe a few others. So for the next race you should make up a google maps map, and just add locations, name them, and save the map. After youve got it the way you want, add me as a collaborator, and ill look over it and make any neccessary changes. If i like what i see ill use it for the october race.

my email for collaborations is:

The above also goes for anyone who has ideas for checkpoints. Also if you want to add any special instructions do so in the description of each location marker.

p.s. did you ever get that video uploaded ?