Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Secret Alley Cat - Thursday Aug 05 meet @ 10pm

Hey everyone, so you may not know this but I am moving to california at the end of the week, dont worry Peterabbit will be holding down the fort on posting and whatnot, but I decided its only appropriate to throw one more race before I leave. Im not printing out any flyers so tell your friends and point them to the website. here are the details

Date: Aug 05 (thursday) @ 10pm.
Location: Meet at folsom field buffalo
What: Its super secret youll get all the deets at the race.
Prizes: ya, ill have some stuff

DONT SHOW UP LATE !! And get ur ish on lock its gonna be crazy.

UPDATE** - Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Bama's going away party has been cancelled. So the afterparty has been moved to another location, youll know.

P.S. its also thursday night ride, you might wanna show up for that too.

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Anonymous said...

(Sorry, unrelated to post)

My rear wheel was stolen...if anyone has a wheel they're looking to sell (700c, 120mm, rim for 23s, fixed/fixed or flip-flop), please let me know...