Thursday, February 19, 2009

BAC \\v3.2 - Sunday March 15th \\ Combo race: Supermarket Sweep X 9th st CLimb

:: Race \\v3.2 - Sunday March 15th !

Last months race was pretty awesome, we got a Sag Airforce 1 full of food donations!

I know that allisyn got some pics on the way, so those will get posted soon.

Next months race is gonna be:

HALF-Supermarket Sweep(SMS), HALF-9th St climb !


Supermarket Sweep(SMS) is gonna be the first part, and will seed riders for the 9th st. Climb.

SMS map is posted below (google maps link). its got 2 spots. You start at the buffalo, and finish @ 9th and canyon

: 9th st. Climb

9th st. climb starts next, 3 people at a time, using the finish places from SMS as seeding. Starts at canyon, goes upto college.

: Information

Start Time: 1pm
End Time: ~3:30pm
Location: Fuffalo (Folsom Field, look at map)
Prizes : Some gangsta shit, street cred worth approx 7$

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hey, here are the photos