Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BAC \\v2.3 Jan 17th

Race is this saturday, ignore the date on the flier i passed out, i messed up the date again, its actually on the 17th. Starting in February and moving forward all races will be on the third SUNDAY of the month unless otherwise mentioned!

Im not doing checkpoints this time, mainly because its cold, but also because only 4 people finished the last race. So those 4 will duke it out to determine an overall winner.

DONT WORRY if your not one of the 4 who finished last race, there will still be alot to do/win. So show up at the folsom field buffalo. From there we will be riding somewhere (probably moorhead) to do sprints.

We should all be leaving the buffalo at around 1:30.

Im pretty sure february will be the Denver v. Boulder race, not sure yet, will keep everyone posted on developments.


veganboyjosh said...

what time is for to meet at the folsom buffalo?

peterabbit said...

josh, meet at 1pm and well head down to moorhead around 130

veganboyjosh said...

good to see you guys again.

next time, track stand contest on the ice.

for serious.